On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 20:07, Sam Baran wrote:
> I opt for Farsi than Persian for the dominant
> language, used in the present Iran and the colonies
> abroad.  

It's not important what you or I opt for. That is an important point.

> Iran is a nation of multi-language cultures: Fars,
> Khuzi, Baluch, Turkman, Kurd, Armani, Asuri, Yahudi,
> Gilaani, Azari, Lor, and others.  The Iranian
> nationalities have their own historically/
> independently evolved languages. Some of them are
> remnants of the natives prior to the arrival of
> Aryans, 3000 years ago.  Then, Farsi has its various
> dialects: Khoraasaani, Esfaahaani, Yazdi, Qazvini,
> Shiraazi, Tehraani, and others.  Again, Tehraani has
> its own sub-dialects: Hasan-aabaadi, Chaale-meydaani,
> Shahre-Reyi (Raazi), Shemruni, etc.

I can't see how that is related to the debate.

> Moreover, Farsi is
> the name used by the Iranian government. 

No, "Persian" is the name used by the Iranian government.

> All literature in Iran and Iranian colonies abroad, are labeled under Farsi.

No they are not. Let me take a random book from my bookshelf... Ok, this
is "vaazhe-naame-ye riaazi o aamaar, ingilisi-faarsi, faarsi-ingilisi"
published by "anjoman-e riaazi-e iraan" and "gorooh-e riaazi o aamaar-e
markaz-e nashr-e daaneshgaahi", published in 1370 (Solar Islamic year),
ISBN 964-01-0599-6. The English title uses "Persian" instead of "Farsi":
"Dictionary of Mathematics and Statistics, English-Persian,

Well, I just checked my whole library at the office. There is no single
book that is labeled "Farsi" around, all use "Persian" when they refer
to the name of the language on the title.

> Therefore, Farsi is more descriptive of the the main
> language used in the Iranian plateau.

I don't see that claim proved.

> Incidentally, Afghanistan is a multi-language country with secondary dialects.  A
> person from Herat has hard time conversing with one
> from Kandahar or Kabul: Urdu, Dari, Pushtu, etc.

Well, I was from Tehran, and I didn't have a hard time communicating in
Kabul. Some people even considered me a Herati from my accent.

Also, You should note that Pashto and Urdu are completely different
langauges from Persian (which Dari is a dialect of). They have different
grammar, different orthography, and different vocabulary.

> Bejan Baran 

Just curious: Is your name "Sam" or "Bejan"? Your signature is
contradicting your "From:" line.


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