On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> he confessed that he
> never knew that Farsi and Persian are the same word in two
> different languages.

Just let us know when we can start saying "Deutsch," "francais,"
"nihon-go," etc as well as "farsi" when speaking English.  They are all
the "right" English words, right? Sounds like fun to me.

> -- Official Flamer
Stand by with your flame thrower.  Looks like this topic is going to be
around for a long time.  Meanwhile, guess which language not only has no
name, it has no fonts, no keyboards, no Yehs, no Kehehs, no Decimal
Separators, no Thousands Separators, no webdev magazines, no online
dictionaries, no wordlists, no Google searching...

And why didn't anyone answer Saber's PersianComputing questions last week?
They were quite reasonable and on topic and even related to Persian
computing!  At least you should have flamed him after he went to all the
trouble to ask all those questions! Your flames are generally
quite entertaining...

Oops, now I'm flaming the Official Flamer. That is not done!


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