> On Mar 12, 2018, at 2:14 PM, Julius Smith <j...@ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Hi Mykle,
> Thanks for sharing your normalizing gains.  As the author of gnoise
> and pink_noise, I am happy to add two functions to noises.lib such as
> pink_noise_m = pink_noise * 12.5; // Equalizes loudness to that of
> no.noise (thanks Mykle Hansen) - beware clipping!
> gnoisem = gnoise * 0.625; // Equalizes loudness to that of no.noise
> (thanks Mykle Hansen)
> where the "m" suffix means "matched loudness" or something like that.
> Can anyone think of a better naming convention?  Another possibility
> is "z" for zero-db-loudness, etc.

Hi Julius,

That would be great.  But, OTOH, I should mention that I also needed to do this 
for os.oscsin, which has a normalizing coefficient of 0.8 compared to no.noise.
So I think a solution that extends across libraries is worth considering,
if it's not too complicated.

(Also, standardizing everything to the 0dB level of os.oscsin makes at
least as much sense to me as using no.noise .  I have no preference.)

Since the library system was reorganized last year (very nicely
IMO), I’m sure the main language contributors have given though to 
standardizing the names and forms of functions.  So I defer to y’all,
and I would be happy to see any update you suggest.

But if this is a feature that not many people are likely to use, 
one might favor keeping it all in a separate library (zdB.lib ?) that
wraps & re-exports any functions that want normalizing.  Then it can
all be documented in one section, it can address the levels of any
current or future generator in any library, and it won’t clutter the 
rest of the codebase, namespace or documentation.  I would be
happy to contribute that.

Thanks for considering this,

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