I've got Fedora 9 up and running multi-boot while I wait for time to back up the data from Fedora 7 and install it properly.

I find that I often lose control of the mouse pointer. It seems to happen more when I'm seeding torrents, or running a diff or a message digest check on the download, or doing other things that load the system.

Sempron 2600, single processor, VIA KM400something+8237 chipset, 760M RAM. Generic PS-2 mouse and keyboard.

I can plug in a USB mouse and use that, and sometimes plugging the USB mouse in brings the PS2 mouse back, as well.

Anyone else noticing this kind of stuff?

(I'm not much on filing bug reports. Seems they're always changing the front door, and I never can find my way around until after I've solved the problem. So I'm hoping it's probably someplace I need to tweak in X11, and I guess I'm being too lazy to go digging into the X11 settings today.)

Joel Rees
(waiting for a 3+GHz ARM processor to come out,
to test Steve's willingness to switch again.)

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