I've had great success with am AMCC 3ware 9690SA on Fedora 10 and 11.
I haven't tried 12 yet.  I have a four-disk RAID 5.


The 9690 can use either SATA or SAS drives depending on the cabling
you get.  It is an 8-lane PCI express card.

You definitely would want to invest in the Battery Backup Unit (BBU),
otherwise write caching is disabled, which makes certain RAID levels
very slow.

The BBU will maintain the write cache in the memory of the 9690 in the
event of a power failure, until power can be restored.  When write
caching is enabled, I find write performance to be very good.

There is also the 9650 which is SATA only, and I expect less expensive
than the SAS-capable 9690.

AMCC sold its 3ware RAID division to LSI earlier this year.  I haven't
really been following the developments since then, so I don't know
what newer models might be available.

To be completely fair and honest, I should cop to the fact that I used
to be an AMCC 3ware employee: I maintained the Mac OS X driver for
this card.  But I wouldn't dream of recommending it if I didn't
consider it completely reliable.  I have all of my own precious data
on its RAID 5; I finally set up a home RAID after losing the third
hard drive of my career.

Hope That Helps,

Don Quixote
Don Quixote de la Mancha

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