not sure if i asked about this once upon a time, but for a current
project, i'd like to document what it takes to construct a full
docbook 5.0 processing toolchain on fedora 12.  i did something like
this way back when but that was with docbook 4.x, and the tools have
definitely changed since then.

  what i want is the *minimal* set of packages and setup to take
docbook 5.0 input, and generate any of HTML/PS/PDF/others.  by
"minimal", i mean that i have no interest in working with docbook 4.x,
or having anything to do with SGML, only XML.  ideally, i'd like to
work with XSLT 2.0 as well.  you get the idea -- cutting edge stuff,
no interest in legacy or backward compatibility.

  i already know some of the packages i must/should(?) install:

  * libxml2 (for xmllint and xmlcatalog)
  * libxslt (for xsltproc)
  * any docbook5* packages
  * fop for PDF
  * saxon or xalan packages

  has anyone gone through this exercise already?


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