Hi all;

I was awful close to running out of space on my HD's in my laptop so I bought 
2 500GB drives and installed Fedora 12 on them.  I've grabbed most of what I 
needed from the old drives in several cases I had to pull out my new drives, 
install the old drives, boot into my old install (Fedora 10) and pull info 
from the system.  

I've found that I forgot to grab the IP/settings for a samba share (a LACIE 
network drive) I use fairly often.  I can mount the old drives via an external 
USB enclosure but I don't know where this info would be stored outside of 
booting into Fedora 10 again and opening Dolphin --> Network --> Samba Shares

(if memory serves, it's possible that I set it up originally as a zeroconf 

I really dont want to swap the drives yet again for this.


Thanks in advance

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