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Summary: Review Request: keyutils - Kernel key management userspace utilities

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Looks *much* better now.

> This should fix everything barring the "weird" library naming - with that, I 
> followed the Ulrich Drepper guide to library naming.
Well, how comes the rest of the world is not following this proposal?

The only thing that matters is the SONAME, the library's filename is largely
ignorable (c.f. info libtool, for why this naming is considered harmful).

>  Btw, did you mean a 
> literal '*' in the name of a library?
Nope, your are encoding the rpm's Release-tag into the library name. I am
building under fc4 and changed the spec's Release:-tag into FE conforming:
Release: 1%{?dist}

With this, I end up with

=> Bug in your Makefile: The spec's Release tag overrides the Makefile's RELEASE

Further (minor) issue:
# rpm -qvlp keyutils-libs-devel-1.1-1.fc4.i386.rpm
/usr/lib/ -> //lib/
Note the double slash at the beginning. I am not aware about this being harmful
under Linux, but under other OS it is harmful.

Further general issue:
* Shipping a static library (Discouraged with FE).

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