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Summary: Review Request: qjackctl - Qt based JACK control application

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> (In reply to comment #3)
> > It's personal preference. I personally consider this change to be a 
> > regression
> > since "%__rm" expends to a fully-qualified pathname, unlike plain "rm". 
> What about %{__make}?  I've been asked to change that to "make" in some 
> reviews.

My personal preference is to use the macros where they are available, and
fully-qualified pathnames otherwise, for all commands used in the build process.

> Fernando - I think people also like to see:
> Source0:
> instead of 
> Source0:{name}/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
> since it is directly wget'able, although I don't know if it's 
> official policy or not.

My preference is:

* is a shorter URL :-)
* using the package name explicitly rather than just %{name} is a little more
readable, and the package name is hardly likely to change very often
* the version number is likely to change, so using the %{version} macro helps
maintainability of the package
* whilst the use of the %{version} macro prevents wget from working directly,
you can use spectool from the fedora-rpmdevtools package to retrieve the source
for you - it will automatically expand the macro

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