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Summary: libdhcp : IPv6 and IPv4 DHCP client and network configuration library 

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My two cents...

libdhcp is a step in the right direction, but what we really need for anaconda
now is a drop-in replacement for pump so that we can add IPv6 support rather

After reading the code and some of the patches to the ISC software, I would rate
this software of alpha quality.  It's clearly under heavy development still and
it's not really something that I'd like to move anaconda to right now.

The last part that concerns me (again, regarding anaconda) is that this library
execs the actual DHCP clients.  Is this necessary?  Pump is able to do IPv4 DHCP
in a handful of C files.  Pump is great because we can link it right in to the
loader and have no other external requirements.  This is very important for
bring up on new architectures and/or painful architectures (e.g., zSeries).

I'm not sure that libdhcp is the best move for anaconda.  If the drop-in
replacement for pump existed, that would be good.  A library that doesn't
require the clients, that would be good.

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