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Summary: libdhcp : IPv6 and IPv4 DHCP client and network configuration library 

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In reply to Comment #27 From David Cantrell ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
on 2006-05-24 17:04 EST:

Yes, documentation has taken back seat to getting everything working and 
tested, which it now is - I apologize for the confusion.

I've begun work on a complete Doxygen documentation set for libdhcp which
will explain things much better than my 'README' file first attempt - 
I'll have finished it and will submit it tomorrow, after I've completed 
testing & refining the pump interface today.

The pump replacement interface includes a 'pump.h' and will define every 
pump symbol currently used by anaconda,  only every use of 'struct in_addr'
in the structures will be replaced by an 'ip_addr_t' (a struct sockaddr
compatible structure big enough for an IPv6 address, defined in the 
latest libdhcp source 'ip_addr.h'). The pump functions (eg. setupInterface)
will attempt to behave exactly the way pump does in response to the pump
structure settings. There will have to be extra members at the end of the
pumpNetIntf structure to control libdhcp DHCPv6 / DHCPv4 preferences.

> Looking at /usr/include/dhcp4client/isc-dhcp/dhcp4client.h and then the one
> for IPv6, I only see one function prototype and it looks like an entry point
> for execing the client daemon to me.

Each libdhcp{4,6}client library provides only one entry point, which is the
client main() function renamed to dhcpv{4,6}_client . The main functions 
have been modifed not to go into daemon mode, fork any processes etc., or
to create any files at all, if running under libdhcp, and also to clean up
after themselves - before returning, they free all memory used by the
client and reintialize all the global variables used by the client.
I've tested running  both the clients 100 times in succession in the same
process under valgrind and valgrind reports no leaked files, memory or 
memory access errors from client code.

Please re-consider libdhcp for use in anaconda after I've submitted the pump
API and the documentation - I'll append a comment to this bug when this is

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