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Summary: Review Request: php-apc

------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2006-06-19 08:09 EST -------
First thing I've noticed from a preliminary look at this is that the package
naming doesn't line up with the proposed naming convention for PHP PECL packages

Whilst these guidelines havn't made it into the top-level guidelines yet, it'd
probably be best to go along with them, or make a case for staying with the
current name if you really want to do that.

Other things I noticed:
BuildReqs of autoconf and automake should be pulled in by the existing buildreq
of php-devel; if libtool really is a requirement of phpize, perhaps a bug should
be raised on php to that effect? Similarly, the buildreq of php is pulled in by
php-devel and _could_ be removed (I'm not saying it has to be though).

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