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Summary: Review Request: pulseaudio: Improved Linux sound server

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It could be that neither matters but the reasoning is flawed.  In LTSP thin
client installations (where you need to have a networked audio server in order
to get sound) it is common to set up the LD_PRELOAD variable to load the dsp
redirecting library system wide.  So the padsp script is never used in this 

I think the real question is whether the calls that libpulsedsp is overriding
(AFAICT: _ioctl, _close, _open, _fopen, _open64, _fopen64, _fclose, _access )
will ever change their ABI.  And if they do, will we need to provide for
concurrent old and new versions or will the change be such that everything will
have to upgrade with no backwards compat-possible.

I don't usually work at this level, so feel free to correct any misconceptions I
might have as to how libpulsedsp works and to tell me what will happen in the
case above.  

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