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Summary: Review Request: pulseaudio: Improved Linux sound server

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> It could be that neither matters but the reasoning is flawed.  In LTSP thin
> client installations (where you need to have a networked audio server in order
> to get sound) it is common to set up the LD_PRELOAD variable to load the dsp
> redirecting library system wide.  So the padsp script is never used in this 
> case.

Doesn't this result in disable prelinking system wide?

> I think the real question is whether the calls that libpulsedsp is overriding
> (AFAICT: _ioctl, _close, _open, _fopen, _open64, _fopen64, _fclose, _access )
> will ever change their ABI.  

Yes, symbol versioning is something to worry about. 

LD_PRELOAD is a neat trick but I've learned the hard way that it's basically a
bad idea for anything other than debugging.  I'm not all that familiar with
pulseaudio yet, but isn't there some other way to get similar functionality?

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