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Summary: Review Request: vtk - The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D 
visualization library

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1) undefined-non-weak-symbols

rpmlint on installed packages reports 
undefined-non-weak-symbols, they should certainly be 
reported upstream:

rpmlint vtk
W: vtk undefined-non-weak-symbol /usr/lib/ sqrt
So it seems that there is a missing -lm for vtkmpeg2encode

rpmlint vtk-python:
many undefined-non-weak-symbol, maybe should be linked against
a python library?

2) rpmlint on debug package

There are still many rpmlint errors in debuginfo package due to
bad perms. You could do something along

find . \( -name \*.txt -o -name '*.[ch]' -o -name '*.[ch][px][px]' \) -print0 |
xargs -0 chmod -x

3) included sources

Now comes the included sources issues. There are still copies 
of other projects codes included, that aren't solved as easily
as the other that were solved above, since there doesn't seems
to be support for that upstream. I checked in Utilities.

Those 2 are not problematic:
* Exodus2: I didn't found a clear upstream on the web, so it could
  be kept as is
* the internal gl2ps is not used, and cannot be used for licence
  reasons (either vtk becomes LGPL, or proprietary...). That's not
  a problem, but having upstream able to link against an external 
  gl2ps would be nice (it could be rather easily packaged for extras)
gl2ps is at

Those 3 are outdated. At least it should be reported and discussed
* the netcdf part is based on an netcdf library older than what is
  in extras
* the included DICOMParser library is older that the one on 
* the included FTGL is older then the one on

This one is certainly a blocker:
* the code in vtkmpeg2encode for mpeg2 encoding is covered by 
  patents, and it doesn't seems that it is possible to sold the
  corresponding software in the USA.

If I'm not wrong, I don't see any other way to handle that issue 
(except from reporting upstream) than removing the offending code 
from the tarball.

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