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--- Comment #2 from Hans de Goede <>  2009-01-06 03:10:09 
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Thanks! I've addressed all your comments in, which should be in the
next rawhide push.

> Is the source available for download anywhere?  The Source0: URL
> should be downloadable if at all possible.  The spec should at minimum
> include some instructions for checking out of an SCM.


> As of FC-5, it is not actually necessary to have:
>   Requires(post): desktop-file-utils >= %{desktopfileutilsver}
>   Requires(postun): desktop-file-utils >= %{desktopfileutilsver}
> as long as you use the recommended update-desktop-database
> scriptlets.
> %post
> /usr/bin/update-desktop-database %{_datadir}/applications &> /dev/null || :
> %postun
> /usr/bin/update-desktop-database %{_datadir}/applications &> /dev/null || :


> Is there any reason to keep this bit:
> %triggerun -- anaconda < 8.0-1
> /sbin/chkconfig --del reconfig >/dev/null 2>&1 || :


> Anaconda < 8.0 was, what, pre-RHL-8?
> There's some minor permission weirdness, like
> /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/boot/syslinux.cfg and
> /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/ are executable, and also
> some shell scripts that don't have a shebang line like
> /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/mk-images.s390.  I'll spare everyone here
> the full listing; just run rpmlint and look at the
> script-without-shebang errors.

I've fixed most rpmlint nagging, remaining:

anaconda.src:205: E: hardcoded-library-path in %{_prefix}/lib/anaconda
anaconda.src:206: E: hardcoded-library-path in %{_prefix}/lib/anaconda-runtime
* python code, so no need for lib64

anaconda.x86_64: W: file-not-utf8 /usr/share/doc/anaconda-
* automatically generated from git commit messages later ones are all UTF-8,
  cannot use iconv, as newer parts are already UTF-8, cannot manually fix as
  generated on the fly.

anaconda.x86_64: E: explicit-lib-dependency libbdevid-python
anaconda.x86_64: E: explicit-lib-dependency libuser-python
anaconda.x86_64: E: explicit-lib-dependency libxml2-python

These are actually all python bindings, and this are not

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