I say "The Bottom Line" is what I just read on another list....Every 9 seconds an animal is put tp sleep becouse there is no one to care for it...And most of those are FeLV neg....
The bottom line is that we should encourage anyone to care for an animal however they are comfortable doing...If you do isolate a pos for 90 days or 180 days and it goes neg are you then going to adopt it out without telling someone that it once tested pos ??
Personaly I have gone the other way...3 or 4 cats that have all run together and one test neg...The shelter will put them all to sleep...I have kept them all together...I have a lot of cats...All would be dead now if I hadn't taken then...They all are well feed and have plenty of space to run inside my house and enjoy their life...They will get antibiotics and liver shakes sub-Q but when this low cost doesn't work I will let them go...
The point is this is the way I feel good about what I am doing...If somebody put pressure on me to do another way I might feel burnt out and quit...
Just my thoughts

TenHouseCats wrote:
bottom line seems to be that ANY cat that tests positive for FeLV
needs to be retested in 90 days.... the problem, of course, is that
what rescue/shelter has the holding capacity for this....

i've been thinking about this for awhile--whether folks with confirmed
FeLVs would be willing/able to work with rescues and serve as foster
parents during the waiting period. as we know, many cats will retest
as negative if given the chance, but the panic induced by the term
FeLV makes it hard for rescues to hear about options if they haven't
already a plan for dealing with cats who test positive. (i'm working
with two breed rescues right now re: developing such a plan... )

another issue involved: we tell people NOT to euthanize their FeLVs
because we love ours, but not everyone can handle the emotional and
financial demands a FeLV involves--but how many of us realistically
can/will offer to take in these saved cats? i don't know what the
answer is--tho education is DEFINITELY part of it; i've had both
rescues and catparents calm down enough to look at alternatives once
they're given  accurate information on what FeLV is and isn't, how
it's transmitted etc.

i'd really like to see this discussed--even better, to see it solved!
(yeah, right.... and how long have i been delusional?)

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