A began to see a slight weakness in Sebastian's legs at the beginning of May.  I took him to the vet for his regular Depo injections and the vet (the first vet) noticed that he had lost 1 pound and his coat was thinning.  We then decided not to do the depo and check his blood work.  the blood work was good, so we decided not to do any depo at that time.  After this his legs gradually got worse.  Now it is hard for him to walk and jump.  A few weeks ago I decided to resume the depo because he had done so well on it and after we stopped is when he began to get worse.  He is also getting a B 12 shot every week.  I think that it may have helped.  I had the vet give a low dose of 10mg.  Before he was getting 20mg and 40mg.  He is gaining some of his weight back, but his legs are still so weak.  I have read alot about V B-12 methylcobalamin, but everything I found had to do with diabetic cats.  Should I try this anyone because he is not diabetic?  Could it hurt him?

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