The 1st time I brought a rescue in that tested POS my vet said that ethically
he had to advise me to PTS...I didn't say anything for a minute and he said
he would give me a few minutes and walked out of the room...When he came
back I said I don't think I can do that...He knew I had a number of NEG.
cats in my house...I asked him what I could do....His face lit up and he
sat down with me and work up a plan on how I could divide my house
and keep the FeLV+ cats with very little risk to my NEG. cats....

I think most vets would rather not PTS healthy cats....but he did need
to know that I was willing to make a commitment to prevent the spread
of the disease....
I think some states have their own laws governing this too....And also
read the fine print if you bring a cat to a vet using county backed money
such as low cost neuter...You maybe signing away your rights to say
no to PTS....

Gloria Lane wrote:

Me too...grab kitty and run.

On Oct 19, 2005, at 9:38 AM, Cherie A Gabbert wrote:

Great Suggestions, she definately needs to bring someones attention to this. I think if someone said I HAD to surrender any of my cats....I would grab the cat and that poses a pretty funny picture in my mind ;-))

maimaipg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Three suggestions: Report the matter to the state vet association--not the
local one. Contact the Texas version of the Attorney General's Office
Comsumer Protection Division (cats are property in most places----- ok we know better but the law doesn't). Find out who, in the local media, is a
pet lover and have a long conversation with him/her/them.  Investigative
reporters and let me help reporters/columists can be a lot of help in
alerting the general public.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 5:53 AM
Subject: Wrongful death of cat

> I had to post this because I couldn't believe what I was reading.
> It is FIV and not FeLV but still this place is supposed to be a humane society and they would treat FeLV in the same way. The message came from a lady on the FIV group and it really did sicken me. If anyone wants to post
her with advice I'll get her email address.
> hello,my name is angela and i am new to the group,sadly i join you under bad cercumstances.i live in pasadena,texas and just yesterday i took my 6 month old cat to the houston humane society's wellness clinic to be tested and recive his shots.they told me he tested positive for fiv and that it was highly contagous and he could not live with it.they said i had to sign him
over to them to be put to sleep.i cant even begain to tell you how
devistated i was,so reluctintly i gave him to them. later on i was looking
around on the net and found out this was
> not true at all! i even call several vets they all informed me that i had many options other than i am even more devistated,why would the houmane society do this? they never told me i had other options,had they i
never would have put him down,i am both heart broken and very mad.i am
trying to find out what action if any i can take to make sure they never do
this to another cat and person again!!!!! if you have any info or idea
please let me know,i could really use the help and support!
> thank you,angela

Have a purrfect day

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