Hi Wendy
 I want to tell you what works for me...
It may not work for you...That will have to be your call...
Get another FeLV+ kitty !!!
They say getting another pet to replace a lost one doesn't work
and probably won't if you are planning on it but at least 3 times
in my life I have really wondered if the new cat isn't my old one
come back...
 Anyway all the FeLV+ cats that I have all seem to have something
in common...They all are the greatest cats...Maybe they realize that
I am saving their lives by giving them a home...If you enter into it
knowing it mat be only for a short time and knowing that you gave
them love at the end when often they have been lost and living a
rough life...
  Most people don't realize how many are PTS without a word being
said just because they test pos...It makes me cry to think how close
the last cat who is such a wonderful guy, came to PTS...Pam at the
shelter had tried for some time to save him and on his last day
somebody told her to try this list and then that day I was reading
way behind and late at night...But it was one of those times that it
was meant to be....
  You can leave your name at a local shelters or rescue groups
or rescue lists on the internet...There are way too many to pick from...


wendy wrote:

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask everyone's opinions/thoughts on
dreaming about kitties you have lost.  I know it's OT,
but I have a hard enough time keeping up with the
posts here, so joining the OT list is not an option
for me time-wise.
Since Cricket has passed, I have continued to look for
signs from him letting me know he's ok.  The best I
have gotten is a dismembered cricket that my other two
kitties left by my bed a day or so after he passed,
which was weird because I haven't seen any other
crickets anywhere, inside or out this year.

A couple of nights ago, I dreamed I was walking around
everywhere calling for Cricket.  I couldn't find him
anywhere and kept finding myself in all these
different places.  Rolling hillsides, snow-covered
forests, places I didn't recognize.  The dream was so
real.  And all I did was call for Cricket the whole
time, like I used to when he would sneak out of the
backyard when I wasn't paying attention so he could
explore the neighborhood.  "Crickeeee, Crickeee," over
and over and over.  I started panicking in my dream,
and of course when I woke up, I got upset because I
knew the reason I couldn't find him in my dream was
that he was dead. It really disturbed me.
Apparently, I still need closure.  I still have guilt
over Cricket's passing, even though I know the facts. I am disappointed that I haven't seen or heard
something that lets me know he's ok and that he isn't
mad at me.  Do you guys have any idea what that dream
meant, and also, what's a good way for me to get
closure as I think about it a lot?

Thanks for any advice or thoughts you have,

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