I personally don't believe there is any predictable answer...
I have two mother cats who came here with kittens..
The mothers tested negative but the kittens were positive...
I have vaccinated the mothers but not retested because
they are here to stay anyway but they are both very healthy...
The oldest one has been here almost 3 years... She had two
kittens... One kitten was pos the other neg...
The neg. kitten was good for a couple months then one
morning she was very week...  3 hours later at the vets
office she had a convulsion and died...  The pos kitty
is still alive 3 years later... He gets a lot of antibiotics
for his gums and has to be encouraged to eat enough
to keep his weight up but with that he is doing good....
It must be a lot more than just being pos... I lost 4 of the
Angel Wings 6 in a very short time and it appeared that
they had made a full recover from their ordeal... The 2 that are
left have no problems at all now... I wonder if any have
gone negative......
PS  Switter is doing great so far..Every body likes him and he
give some exercise to the old guys here... He sure is full of life...
I wonder if he has a bit of bengal in him... He does have some spots
on his back....

Chris wrote:

I brought in two kittens (6 weeks & 3 months) after I found my Tucson.  My oldest cat was about 1 ½ years old when Tucson came.  All four cats lived together for 4+ years before I discovered Tucson was pos.  They’ve all consistently tested neg; I now get them vaccinated though I hadn’t before.  I figure if they haven’t all come up pos by now, its awfully hard to ‘catch’ it!  They’ve eaten out of the same dishes, use the same boxes, groom each other, have their little spats with the usual scratches, bumps and bruises…   


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a year.  but I got my positive unknowingly and both she and another kitten of 3-4 months were basically like littermates..........


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adults, what age do you consider an adult ......

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>I say mix, no need to vaccinate healthy adult cats. The FELV vaccine is
>MORE apt to
> CAUSE vaccine associated sarcoma (cancer) than it is to improve immunity
> against FELV
> in adult cats. In other words, there are more BAD things against the
> VACCINE than
> there are bad things against mixing adult cats with FELV+ cats.
> And yes, I can back that up with facts if needed.
> That is, of course, MY personal advise, and it will vary between members
> here.
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