I honestly never understood what you all meant by you will know when it is time, but it's true, our cats do have a way of telling us (this is the first sick cat I have ever cared for, so this is a totally new experience for me all around...).  Allie has rapidly been declining over the past few days despite treatments.  Her temp just keeps climbing (it's now up to 107.1 this am) and she has completely stopped eating and drinking.  She growls every time I try to give her any kind of medication or treatment.  I truly believe that this is her way of telling me she does not want anymore.  Allie has never liked vets, needles, or even oral meds, so I know that taking daily antibotics and frequent injections and sq fluids has probably been very rough on her.  I also feel that at this point she is suffering and I do not want that for her.  I think she's trying to tell me it's her time- she's tired and she just can't fight anymore.  Unfortunately I think we found the FELV and FIV relatively end stage and with both viruses, her body is just very run down.  Right now she has no spunk- just lies around in one spot all day hiding - barely even has the energy to purr.  That is not my Allie cat!  It is killing me to see her suffer and I am now content that I understand what she is trying to tell me.  So, unfortunately, I have to make the hardest decision that any pet mommy and cat lover has to make.  I am going to spend tonight with my baby girl and if God does not take her on His own, I am going to help her cross the bridge tomorrow.  I have never had to make such a difficult decision in my life and I bless you and feel the pain of each and every one of you that have had to make this same decision before.  However, I know it is the right thing to do.  I have told her that it's OK to go, I just want her to be happy and not suffer anymore, and ever since I told her that she has been purring more and not hiding as much- it's as if she's at peace now.  That's helping me know that I am making the right decision.  Please remember my little one tonight and tomorrow afternoon at 4pm when I say good-bye.  She has lived a long (10 yrs) good and happy life.  She deserves only to be happy.  Thank you for everything.  I don't know what I would have done without all of you.
Jen and Allie

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