hope you find a new vet soon.  wish i knew someone down there. perhaps try an internist at a larger hospital or vet school if there are any nearby, or a cat specialist.
I think it is better to start IV.  It is not prescription, and you have it, so all you really need is someone who can do IV shots, not necessarily a vet.  If you know anyone in rescue, they will probably know someone who can do it. the woman who runs the shelter where my cats came from did the shots for mine. if you know any vet techs, they can definitely do it.
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Hi Michelle

It, immuno-regulin, came in the mail today. Problem is the vet who saw Junior, thinks it is time to put him down. He is much better today. He still has the sniffles. I need to find someone to do the injections.  I just searched the archives about doing subcutaneous injections. I could probably do these, but I did not order any needles. I will try to stop by the other vets office tomorrow to see what they can do. They are just so busy that their appointment schedule is booked 6 weeks ahead. However they did do the emergency testing of the 9 cats after Junior tested positive. Funny thing is I think this post was made today. How timely for me.

Junior is so sweet. Today he is playful. He has some more living to do.


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