Nothing should ever be given in the neck on cats. They are prone to
injection site sarcoma, in other words, a big cancerous tumor can grow in
the location of any injections. Happens in every 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10000
cats (studies vary on the frequency). Since you can't amputate the neck,
giving it in that location equals instant death sentence for any cat that
gets a sarcoma there (whereas if it's given in the lower leg, as it should
be, you can amputate the leg and save the cat). But, that proves my
suspicions, yes, your vet is VERY outdated and does NOT keep up with current
protocols. I suggest a different vet. Ask them "Now if you were going to
give my cat a vaccine, where would you administer that, in the scruff?" If
they says yes, forget that vet, try again. Remember though, just because you
may find one that is current on vaccination protocol, doesn't mean they will
be current on FELV treatment, it's just SOMEWHERE to start. Here's the
webpage on current vaccine protocols:


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