You are correct about the antibiotics were for the abscess, and the vet seemed sure they were cat bites. I never heard about a faint pos., just pos. The vet guessed he is about 8 months. He has no symptoms at all. The vet said that he was shocked when the test came back pos. They didn't do any other tests or shots that day because he had a fever (due to the abscess ). As far as the puddles, they don't smell at all! He has gotten SOOO far since he has been here. He eats great. He also drinks water a lot, well a lot to me but I am new to cats. He does use his litter box, he doesn't appear to strain and he doesn't cry. Some times he walks around me and just meows for no apparent reason. I think he just wants to be held. What a lap cat! He is sleeping on the desk beside me now. He is very spunky. At night he is calm and loving, but at 5 AM, any things that moves is fair game for a pouncing! LOL. Any tips for getting him to use a scratching board instead of my couch and office chair. I am firmly against declawing him but my husband is threating it. I told him I would definger him if he did! Can you recommend a food, I am sure you would scold me over his current food. But take it easy on me, I am new to this! LOL Midnight will be neutered somewhere around the end of Jan. and beginning of Feb. I will make the appointment of Tues. Oh and stress free may be hard. We have 3 kids, but he seems to love them. They are crazy amongst themselves but the all calm down and get very gentle when dealing with him. All they know is that he is sick and very special.
Thanks again

Nina wrote:
Hi Jennifer,
I'm glad you found us and so very glad Midnight found you. I take it the antibiotics were for the abscess on his tail and not because he is displaying any other symptoms of illness? Did the infection clear up okay? How old does the vet think Midnight is? Adult, healthy cats have a much better chance of clearing the virus than an older, sickly, or young kitten. Because he was a stray, there's no way for you to know when he contracted the disease. It may have happened when he got the abscess on his tail. I'm not sure why your vet is having you retest in only 3 weeks. If Midnight is in the process of clearing felv, a three week interval between testing is probably too soon to be reliable. Usually it is recommended to wait 3 to 6 months. Did the vet tell you it was a faint pos? If the vet suspects the test was a false pos, then a retest in 3 weeks makes more sense. It is also usually recommended to retest using an IFA, (not the in house ELISA). When you are ready to have him neutered, please ask us about protocols and procedures to help reduce the stress on his body during surgery. Felv cats need to be kept as stress free as possible and fed as high a quality diet as you can. I'm not sure what these "puddles" on the floor might be. Do they smell like urine? Has he been using his litter box? Have you noticed any straining, or does he cry when he urinates? It sounds more like it might be vomit to me. Have you mentioned the slight blood tinge to the vet? It doesn't sound "right", but I'm hoping it's nothing serious. Has he been showing any other symptoms? Any coughing or upper respiratory congestion? Is he eating normally? Keep a close eye on him and see if you catch him in the act of excreting these puddles.

I'm sure others will be posting soon with suggestions. Ask as many questions as you like. The people on this list are wonderfully supportive and we all know how scary this diagnosis is.

Jennifer Madon wrote:
Hi everyone! Let me start by saying that my name is Jennifer. I am new to the whole feline leukemia situation. We had a stray cat adopt us right after Christmas. When he wouldn't go away, we decided to adopt him. He is so sweet and loving, I am so glad my husband said yes!! We took him to the vet and he tested positive. He also had an abscess on the base of his tail. We are done with the antibiotics but I still put to ointment on him. We go back next Tuesday (3 weeks after original test) for a retest. After that, we are having him fixed. My question is that I have found (about 3 times) some puddles of water on the kitchen floor. I thought maybe he was peeing on the floor but the liquid is clear with a pink tint to it. Does this sound right? Any ideas? I am very new to this so any info or tips on this or anything else is appreciated!! Thanks!
Jennifer and Midnight

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