Red Bank called to say that now I do not have a return appointment for  
tomorrow, that the cytology reports won't be back until tomorrow, and that I  
get a call tomorrow morning after the oncologist and internist look at the  
reports, with a plan.  Meanwhile, this morning Lucy is not eating at  all.  I 
syringed her a little food, but am concerned at the worsening of  symptoms. Her 
back end seems ok now, but she is drinking more.  her fever  went down last 
night with fluids and ice packs, but she is warm again-- but  can't tell if 
is because she is lying in the sun (her choice).  She  can walk to litter box 
and jump up on 1 foot tall cardboard box without  problems. Her pads and gums 
are still a little pink, though light pink.
Thanks to Hideyo, I now have feline interferon and epogen.  The  oncologist 
is insisting that I not start her on anything until they look at all  the test 
results. If she has an infection or heart disease, steroids could be  harmful. 
If her blood cells are regenerating but then dying, epogen won't help  and 
she could have a reaction.  I have not heard back on any particular  reason not 
to start the feline interferon.  
Do you think I should start her on something, against the advice of the  
oncologist and internist? I generally trust specialists, but it seems clear she 
is going down hill and days are passing. Plus, a friend's dog had neurological  
problems and saw specialists at a big hospital in Boston for a week before 
they  tested for lyme disease (which I had suggested immediately)-- they had 
him  on steroids, then when finally saw he had lyme put him on heavy doses of 
 antibiotics and stopped the steroids, and when he got worse they put him 
back on  heavy doses of both and he pulled through. Obviously it would have 
better  if a) they had tested him immediately (they had not thought the neuro 
symptoms  matched lyme) and b) absent the test if they had just loaded him up 
with both  abx and steroids.  So I am wary of specialists waiting for test 
results  that take a while before starting treatment when an animal is going  
downhill.  At the same time, I don't want to harm any possible treatment  she 
could ultimately get if they figure something out.
Do any of you have strong opinions or thoughts on this?  

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