Thanks to everyone for your advice. From what I have read, I think that he is not spraying. Maybe marking (thank God he hasn't felt the need to claim me!) or peeing but not spraying. I called the vet about having him neutered and they said he has to have a rabies shot and distemper. I am not sure how I feel about this. He is not going out so I hate to give him anything he won't need. They didn't gibe him these shots the last time he was there because of his fever. Guess I have to do it though. Thanks again to everyone.

My Doobie cat started that... I woke up in the middle of the night warm and 
wet, he
had PEED on ME in my bed! He got neutered the next day! He has NEVER gone 
outside the
box since. In his case, it was a marking behavior.

That being said, spraying is when they back up to something and are standing 
their tail raised, and spraying urine out behind them on a vertical surface 
(the tail
usually shakes when they do it). Peeing is when they squat. Both can be marking
behaviors, not necessarily health problems. 8-9-10 months is that age where 
often begin, as he's going through puberty at that age.

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