We have a FeLV male and are not interested in providing a forever home to anymore FeLV cats at this time. But I may be interested if it is just a foster situation.

Nina wrote:
Oh Stephanie, I'm so sorry about the rough spot you've hit. It sounds just heart wrenching. We've got to do what we've got to do, it doesn't sound like you've reached your conclusions lightly. Maybe you could post your felv pos as "foster home needed". People might be quicker to help out knowing that he will have a home with you when you're back on your feet. Perhaps you could do the same sort of thing with your horse? There must be a million young girls out there that would be thrilled to have a horse to ride and love in exchange for vet care and board. You might be able to work something out that will be good for everyone concerned and still be able to bring the family back together eventually.
Prayers and strength to you,

Stephanie E Caldwell wrote:

I'll post him today.

He's white with one blue and one yellow eye. He truly is a positive.

He's safe with me, and I can take him back in November. If anyone wants the nitty gritty personal details email me privately.

Suffice to say I'll be working 2 jobs to keep food on the table for me and my animals I'm keeping. The FIV+ Cat is 16 and terrified of people, so I can't rehome her. He's a people cat and will be okay being rehomed. Also having to sell a horse and just keeping my special needs pony.

This is so hard to do guys, but it's for the best for all involved. I've had him 2 years now...


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do you have a photo of him? that's the first thing.... second is to go to this page: http://ucat.us/FELVFIVFIP.html and post his info on all the places under "places to post positive cats" (or however it's phrased).

please give us more information, also, so we can pass the word on: how old is he, what color is he? has he been retested with the IFA to ensure he's truly positive? is he safe with you for the next month while people work on finding him a place?


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