The vet did do some blood work. I do not know the exact numbers, but I do know that after 3 rounds of antibiotics, the wbc in his urine are extremely high (those are the drs words). I do trust Dr Proctor. He is a great doc and a cot lover too :) Midnight is eating, less but eating. He always wants to be held. I have not been measuring his water but he does drink. I guess I should measure it. I do know that over the last 3 to 4 days, I have not filled the bowl as often.

Susan Hoffman wrote:
Did your vet do bloodwork? What were the results? And do you truly trust this vet? Is Midnight eating, responding to petting? How much water is he drinking?

*/Jennifer Madon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>/* wrote:

    My vet says that the reason Midnight isn't responding to the
    or the Feliway (he still pees not sprays everywhere) is because he
    is in
    renal failure. My vet is all for helping animals but says this is
    a one
    way street and there is pain and suffering at the end of the
    street. He
    suggests we say our goodbyes and put him down. I do not have a clue
    what to do or how to respond to this. We have only had him since the
    week after Christmas when he found us. Any suggestions?

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