Try probiotics (health food store or order Fastrack).  Also have him checked 
for a UTI.  This is not natural. 

                                                 If you have men who will 
exclude any of God's creatures
                                                 from the shelter of compassion 
and pity, you will have men who 
                                                 will deal likewise with their 
fellow man.
                                                                  St. Francis
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  From: Melissa Lind 
  Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 6:55 AM
  Subject: pungent urine

  Cassidy, my new FeLV+, has very aromatic pee! I had to use clay litter 
because he didn't understand the crystals, but even so, I think when I get him 
switched to crystals, it will still be unbearable. Baking soda does not cover 
this smell. He's been neutered, and he's not marking, it's just out of his 
litter box. Is there anything I can feed him? Any product that could help? I 
couldn't even sleep last night because our house is unreasonably stinky! I love 
this guy, but I'm going to be embarrassed to let anyone over! Even my husband, 
who works around manure every day, was sickened by the smell!

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