> Welcome to the group. You came to the right place
> for more info! Something I just
> have to mention though, right off-hand, is the
> option to adopt another FELV+ cat!

Perhaps at some point, but not yet. :)

Thanks for the welcome, I've already gotten some
useful info and I'll be asking questions as soon as I
collect my thoughts and figure out what to ask! 
> anyways, so be sure your vet ISN'T. Other vaccines
> should be carefully reconsidered,
> and only given if the risk indicates it's required
> to protect the cat. Any vaccine
> causes stress to the immune system, and since FELV
> is an immune system virus, you
> want to try to keep it as STRONG as possible, and
> vaccines are a extra weight on an
> already compromised system. For those you do choose
> to continue to give, you should
> request a non-adjuvanted version of the vaccine, as
> it has less harmful, toxic, and
> carcinogenic ingredients than regular vaccines (yes,
> vaccines are VERY nasty things -
> most people don't realize).

Our vet seems to be good as they did go over this with
me. She did say there were some vaccines we may
consider and some we definitely shouldn't bother with.

Stitch is a 99% of the time indoor cat. The only time
we let her outside is with supervision, and even then
not very often.

> Outside of the vaccination issue, there's general
> health and immune system
> considerations. The VERY FIRST thing you need to
> evaluate is the food you are
> feeding. FELV+ cats require a very optimal diet, and
> this is highly varied depending
> on owner preferences, BUT, you should either be
> feeding a super-premium commercial
> cat food, such as Innova, Wellness, Chicken Soup for
> the Cat, or Felidae (just some
> good examples - I feed felidae or Innova dry and
> merrick or innova canned), or you
> can make your own homemade diet using a recipe found
> from a reputable source, OR, you
> can feed raw (also requires good "recipes" to obtain
> optimal nutritional balance).

I'll check these out. Any suggestions as to where I'd
find these? I have a small, but well stocked pet store
nearby, we also have a Petsmart about 45 minutes away.
If neither of these are workable, are there any good
web dealers selling these products? (I'll start with
the link from the bottom of your e-mail - anywhere
else I should be checking out?).


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