Hi Joe!


I'm also very new to this list, but I'm in love with it and everyone here is
so very supportive. I'm learning a lot about FeLV too. I rescued three cats
last week (well, three found me). But, one, our beautiful Cassidy is FeLV+.
The rest are negative, as are the three permanent cats we have in our house.
Cassidy is currently camped out in our office room to protect the others.
Many people on here have had successful mixing of FeLV positives and
negatives, but I'm not prepared to do that since our youngest (less than one
year) is most susceptible at this age.


I don't know where you live, but Cassidy is the most beautiful, friendly,
loving cat! He's probably less than one year old, or around there. Here's
his picture:




I'm trying to find an FeLV positive home for him. Some day I'd like to have
a shelter with plenty of room for positives, but right now we don't have the
resources. If you'd like him, or if you know of a good home for him, please
let me know! I want to keep him so badly, he's stole my heart, but it's just
not fair to keep him in one room forever. He's super healthy-better than one
of the negatives I rescued last week. He talks constantly-but not
annoyingly-and I understand his pungent urine will be subsiding as soon as
his hormones are out of his system. He's only newly neutered. And he loves
to bite at the letters as I type on the computer-so cute! A very good office
buddy and "helper."


Best of luck with your new quest on educating yourself on FeLV. There's so
much to learn as I've found out this past week! But, the people here are so
helpful and understanding-I'm so glad you've found this resource as well!


Best Wishes,


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