Hi guys, 
I could not help but add my two cents here on the
subject of people who are convinced, or announce
openly that they do not like cats: 
I noticed early on, that the people who proudly state
that they do not like cats,always speak from the
aspect of misinformation on every level. THESE ARE
PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER KNOW A CAT! it just occurred to
me too, that these might be people who grew up
torturing every cat they might have run across as a
child, so their experience with any cat might have
been negative...like imagine ,say farm cats kept only
as mousers, being treated badly by a family...These
cats might run and hide every time a human
appeared...I just thought of that...
Anyway, somewhere along the line, these individuals
have probably been brainwashed into believing cats are
only nice to you when they want something, while, if
in the same sentence, they might proudly state, "BUT,
I DO LIKE DOGS", hoping to redeem themselves as
sensitive individuals somehow, as well as pillars of
character...They maybe watched too many Lassie films
and believe  dogs will stand by you until the end, no
matter what ?Who knows, it is usually a
combination...However, the one constant is : THESE
PEOPLE NEVER KNEW A CAT. These are simply very
uneducated/inexperienced types in animal contact
exposure situations...A lot of the time these types
are following a party line laid out by their family
for a generation or more...  It is like they are
trying to make some kind of statement attesting to
their own character, by conveying what might seem
admirable to them...aligning their own personality,
say with what they believe are the attibutes of  a dog
personality? It is most often an image thing... Also,
these people are not animal lovers at all, no matter
how they try to come across about LOVING dogs... 
their exposure to animals and experience with animals
on a personal level is usually null.They know
absolutely nothing about animals...I , when confronted
by this sort of person only say to them , "You just
have never known a cat" I am always right 100% of the
time. Oh yeah, and let's not forget those men striving
to project a macho image that even if somewhere along
the line they did know a cat and even appreciated that
cat would never admit it and wants the world to think
I'm sorry if I am rambling here , but I'm just typing
as I am thinking about what I have observed in people
The bottom line is, when I do come across people who
tell me they do not like cats, I immediately feel
sorry for them ,because they have simply missed out on
such a love and a joy and seriously, there is no
little critter more entertaining than a cat who has
lots of personality...Oh yes , and cats are loyal,
loving, cuddly, a lot easier to deal with than a
dog...like if one must leave a cat alone for a day...
There is all kinds of prejudice in this world and it
is a very terrible thing. Every single incident of
prejudice could be completely alleviated
if the parties involved would only take the time to
get to know what it is they feel they are not familiar
with or uncomfortable with...If only people were more
kind and thoughtful and could appreciate everything in
this world that is beautiful...there would never even
be wars...
I think a lot of us love our cats so much because we
can retreat in to that safe little beautiful world and
spend our time and energy devoting ourselves to
something that is sweet and beautiful what is a
cat...By the way, I love dogs too, probably too
much...Which reminds me: DO SOMETHING NICE TODAY FOR A
DOG! Later, Glenda
--- Melissa Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Susan,
> You've said it exactly. I think that dog people like
> the attention and
> companionship. I love dogs as well as cats, but cats
> give us more freedom
> (well, not with the checkbook), plus we're just
> cat-people. Like Caroline
> pointed out, there are many many dog people, but
> most people I meet don't
> like cats at all. Why? I haven't figured that one
> out. Stereotypes?
> Misconceptions? Idiocy? Not really sure.
> The pit bull abuses reminds me of The Dog Whisperer
> on Discovery or TLC or
> whatever. Cesar Millan is so good at showing that
> most dogs can be
> rehabilitated, but in most instances it's the humans
> that need the
> rehabilitation, not the dogs. The plight of pit
> bulls in our country is very
> sad and depressing. They are certainly the most
> misunderstood and mistreated
> of dogs (up there with racing dogs). Plus many
> people mistake other breeds
> for pit bulls, not even understanding what a pit
> bull actually is-they just
> equate them with any tough, muscular dog with a
> stocky stature. 
> Enough ranting-I'm done with dogs for today. It's a
> happy day-our central
> air should be fixed today after being broken for 3
> weeks in 90-degree
> weather! The babies will be so happy! I'll be happy
> to play with them again,
> and get back to normal! But living without air
> conditioning helped us see
> how truly spoiled we are, and how much we take for
> granted. 
> Melissa
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> Subject: Re: OT: Severely OT, dog fights and NFL
> player
> it was always so funny when I worked @ the AHS.
> The difference between the "dog" volunteers /
> walkers & the "cat"
> volunteers.......
> Dog people seem to really dislike cats, and they
> needed to have something
> that "wants to please them".
> Very important.
> The cat volunteers also liked dogs, but purrfurred
> cats.
> The cat people could also appreciate the free spirit
> of a cat, as opposed to
> the "neediness" of a dog.
> And dogs that do not respect the "pack order" in the
> home environment can be
> considered unadoptable, unfortunately, due to the
> fact that they will
> challenge the children. (And other things, to say
> the least).
> Can you tell I took a lot of behavioral classes and
> used to evaluate dogs
> for intake into our adoption program...?
> It was actually pretty sad, we would have to make
> sure the dogs were "dummy
> proof".
> And Caroline, please do not measure yourself by what
> others have done, be
> happy that you are more evolved than most folks and
> that you are doing
> something to help, and that you know what is right &
> what is wrong.
> Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
> www.PetGirlsPetsitting.com
> www.Tx.SiameseRescue.org
> www.shadowcats.net
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> in state,
>                                    Faithful Bast at
> her side did wait,
>                                    Purring welcomes
> of soft applause,
>                                    Ever guarding
> with sharpened claws."
>                                              Trajan
> Tennent
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> From: Caroline Kaufmann
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> Subject: Re: OT: Severely OT, dog fights and NFL
> player
> The Humane Society is overseeing the care for the 52
> seized dogs.  I fear
> that some will have to be put down due to injuries
> and illness.  But there
> has got to be some kind of rehabilitation that is
> done on the dogs that are
> not ill/injured beyond repair.  Also, I try not to
> know too much about pit
> bull fighting because it's too hard for me to
> stomach...but some females are
> used just for breeding, so I should think some of
> the would be salvageable.
> Again, if you can, log onto the Humane Society's
> website and you can donate
> an amount that will be used to help these actual
> seized dogs.  
> I guess this is just a reminder that our work is
> never done.  Even if you
> don't do dog rescues or you aren't a "dog person,"
> it's still important to
> give what you can...and even more so, to call
> attention to this matter to
> the people out there who are dog people!  I think in
> my whole life I have
> met way too many people who AREN'T cat people and
> that has always made me
> sad, but I can count on only one hand the people
> that claimed to not be dog
> people.  Thus, I feel like if you take the time to
> get the word out, there's
> no end to the positive results that could come from
> that just because of the
> shear numbers of people who are willing to stand up
> against cruel treatment
> of dogs.  
> All of you people have done more than me for animals
> and it amazes me the
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