Hi Glenda,

I didn't read this until this morning at work. What horrible people for not
letting you back to see Marmalade. I've got my fingers crossed for him. It's
so sad how many people don't care about our fellow creatures. Let us know
right away about Marmalade. He sounds like a great cat who deserves a chance
(don't they all?!).


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Hello everyone,
Several of you here know my story about trapping an
orange and white cat , whom I named Marmalade. The cat
was trapped this last Sunday night in my personal
trap. The cat was then transported to our local
shelter by a policeman. When the cat was turned over,
he became the property of the county shelter...He was
trapped at my friend's house, together we decided to
call the officer...
The shelter decided Monday morning he was a
wild"feral" cat and told me he was put in with the
wild kitties and would have to be put down. They did
say they would wait 3-days to see if anyone came
forward to claim him. I went in Monday morning to see
the kitty and get my trap back...I was told I could
not see him. I asked if I could take him to be
tested.After some discussion, I was told I could. I
made the appt. for that Monday. I was then told I
could not test him until Thursday, after the 3-day
waiting period. I went to the shelter yesterday
morning to visit the kitty. I just wanted to see him ,
see if he might talk back to me, show some sign of
wanting me to work with him. I was told by a worker
,because he was in the wild kitty section, I  was not
allowed to see him...I was told the reason being they
were worried about liability...I tried to understand
their point and did not want to be too much of a thorn
in their behind, because at least they had given me
permission to have the cat tested on Thursday morning.
I had an appt. for 9:15 am. The shelter opens at
9:00am. I was using the same vet they use...
Last night I was heading down to the shelter after
work and had decided to bring up some points about if
this kitty tested negative for the FeLV and FIV and I
decided to neuter this cat...after all I already had
an investment in the cat and if the cat were
young...looked under three years old...was there maybe
someone who might enjoy the challenge of working with
a feral...if indeed this cat was a feral...Things like
that...I called my friend on the way home and decided
one more day would not hurt that much and at least
after the test I'd have one important plus to work
with if the cat tested clean...Us cat people do tend
to rattle people enough as it is...
Well, I got home tonight and there was a message on my
phone from the director of our shelter...It was: Hi
Glenda, I have some good and bad news for you.  If you
get this before 7:00pm give me a call @....Otherwise
call me in the morning...I got the message after 
Well guys, nothing like suspense...I hate to jump to
conclusions , but I bet they put the cat down...and
they will tell me he tested neg. 
I will be on the computer to tell everyone the rest of
the story in the morning...
The fact the beginning of the story is a story in
itself, should hold everyone until morning...I
seriously wonder what the wild cat area is like??? I'd
like to know what they do with ferals after they are
caught here...? I am going to be talking to feral cat
people in other neighboring areas to see what type of
programs they have...Thanks for reading this.

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