Beckie, I'm so sorry to hear Moe is not feeling well
today. I do not know how yucky tasting the pills ate
that he is taking, but with my kitties that I give
pills,  I crush the pills up and mix 'sardines in
spring water'. I talked before about this, when I
discovered them at Walmart.They are .50 a large flat
container...They are also wild caught, by the way...
 I would always give my cats a dab of tuna as a treat
when they would mind and for example, come racing
across the yard when I would call their name...The
results were amazing... I am scared to give tuna too
often, but needed to find something they liked ,so
found the sardines...I have noticed my younger cats
are crazy about sardines,but the older guys that had
gotten used to tuna were harder to shift over, but are
starting to accept the change. 
I really try not to give tuna too often ,because of
the mercury content...I found out from several on this
site, human grade tuna was also hard on our cat's
kidney's...I thought it had to be better than regular
catfood tuna...wrong...I have gotten a lot of good
info on yummy healthy foods on this site and just have
not gotten down to ordering anything yet ,but will get
on it soon...
Back to the pills you are giving...The pills I give
are only multi vitaminsfor cats and lysine...I know
they do not taste too terrible, but without the
sardine trick I'd never get them down my kitties that
take them. They just scarf everything up in the mashed not even notice...
Good luck with your Moe...Glenda
--- Beckie McRae <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Well Moeman has gotten REALLY sick again.  
> He's got huge bumps ALL around his neck, like he's
> wearing a collar or
> something, but he doesn't.  I called the vet and
> explained to her that
> since I've already had him in there 3 times, I
> couldn't afford to keep
> bringing him back and asked for Clavomox
> (spelling?).  When our other
> cat McGhee was really sick like this that's what she
> had and we would
> notice a difference in her in a matter of hours. 
> The vet said it would
> upset his stomach and make him more sick.  She said
> to try to give him a
> benydryl (again spelling?) and see how that goes for
> the weekend.  We
> gave him 25mg last night, and he FINALLY went to
> sleep.  I seriously
> don't think this poor little thing has gotten a good
> night's sleep in
> weeks.  He's CONSTANTLY scratching, or licking, it's
> bad.  So when we
> got up this morning he seemed to be a little
> perkier, but not much.
> Hopefully the benydryl will work and he'll get his
> strength back.  Only
> thing is we have the pills, and I feel HORRIBLE when
> we give them to
> him.  Mitch has to hold him by his neck, then I have
> to pry his mouth
> open, etc....I've tried crushing it up and putting
> it food, but he knows
> it's there and won't touch it.  Even wet food, which
> is like a treat for
> him!  Any ideas on how I could crush up a pill and
> have him take it
> without even knowing it?
> Thanks guys.  I swear, sometimes I wonder what I did
> before I found you
> all.
> Beckie

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