Thoughts and prayers for Moe.  It's so hard when they won't be pilled. :(

Beckie McRae <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
                Well Moeman has gotten REALLY sick again.  
  He’s got huge bumps ALL around his neck, like he’s wearing a collar or 
something, but he doesn’t.  I called the vet and explained to her that since 
I’ve already had him in there 3 times, I couldn’t afford to keep bringing him 
back and asked for Clavomox (spelling?).  When our other cat McGhee was really 
sick like this that’s what she had and we would notice a difference in her in a 
matter of hours.  The vet said it would upset his stomach and make him more 
sick.  She said to try to give him a benydryl (again spelling?) and see how 
that goes for the weekend.  We gave him 25mg last night, and he FINALLY went to 
sleep.  I seriously don’t think this poor little thing has gotten a good 
night’s sleep in weeks.  He’s CONSTANTLY scratching, or licking, it’s bad.  So 
when we got up this morning he seemed to be a little perkier, but not much.  
Hopefully the benydryl will work and he’ll get his strength back.  Only thing 
is we have the pills, and I feel HORRIBLE when we give them to
 him.  Mitch has to hold him by his neck, then I have to pry his mouth open, 
etc….I’ve tried crushing it up and putting it food, but he knows it’s there and 
won’t touch it.  Even wet food, which is like a treat for him!  Any ideas on 
how I could crush up a pill and have him take it without even knowing it?
  Thanks guys.  I swear, sometimes I wonder what I did before I found you all.

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