Wow-I'm glad things are going better for you. What a horrible vet! My vet
gave me lots of ideas for various things-her excuse doesn't make any sense.
We used double stick tape (the big wide stuff) to stop some carpet
scratching. So, the vet can't recommend that since they aren't a hardware
store and don't sell it? Ridiculous! I think sometimes people get into
professions not because of love of the job but because of money-or maybe
somewhere along the way they lose sight of the big picture. 


Best to your fur babies! Stay cool! Here in Nebraska weren't getting into
the 100s today-hope Iowa isn't as bad this week!





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Well, Friday, I went and got the "Pill Pockets".  (Chicken Flavored, my cats
hate seafood, go figure), Went home, wrapped the Benedryl in it, annnnnd..WA
LA!  Down it went!  I was SO happy!!!

The lady at the pet store also told me about these bath wipes so I got a
pack of those.  They're like baby wipes, and you just rub them down, and it
helps to moisturize their skin, and his coat is so soft!  I just wipe him
down once a day, (which he LOVES by the way).  Also, they have aloe, so that
helps with his scratching.  Amazingly enough, the lady at the pet store was
more helpful than the vet!  When I got home, and saw how everything worked,
I IMMEDIATELY got on the phone with the vet and ripped her a new one.  I
wanted to know why she hadn't told me about these products especially since
I voiced to her MANY times how bad the pilling was going, and how bad his
skin was.  Hell, she SAW it!  Her response?  We don't endorse other products
than what we sell here.  Well I proceeded to tell her that when she became a
vet she took an oath to care for an ailing animal NO MATTER WHAT, and even
though they don't "endorse" those products, she STILL could have suggested
them.  I told her if it was THAT big of a deal maybe THEY should start
getting wipes, and pill pockets there to "ENDORSE" so that other people and
their animals don't have to go through what we've been.  I told her that I
would NEVER be coming back to her, and I WOULD be filing a report with the
better business bureau, and ANYONE who asks me for a vet, I will them to go
ANYWHERE but there.  I was HOT!!!!


Thanks again guys!


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