My take on this is most guys who hunt are fat cats who
eat a lot of meat and can afford to take hunting
This means, they often hold high end jobs, where they
sit at a desk all day. "Hunting" restores that need in
them to feel like real men. 
For starters, these out of shape creeps, need to
become VEGETARIANS and take it from there. People who
kill animals for sport have no soul. The types that
really are the most disgusting are the "hunters" that
"hunt"  for huge fees, in these fenced in parks, where
the animals are often retired zoo animals or old and
sick wildlife. Texas is full of these places. Too bad
the wildlife can't be armed with all the modern
weapons with scopes and lasers and things could be
reversed.How would these"hunters" like seeing their
mom or children murdered before their very eyes? 
Maybe "hunting" needs to be replaced by "hiking" and
people need to appreciate looking at our beautiful
wildlife enjoying their lives and feeling happy and
secure in our beautiful places? 
--- Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Found this very interesting.  Of course, I wonder if
> it has anything to do with your inner spirit knowing
> that it is not right to harm these beautiful animals
> and this is punishment for their ignorance.
> Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
>                                   "As Cleopatra lay
> in state,
>                                    Faithful Bast at
> her side did wait,
>                                    Purring welcomes
> of soft applause,
>                                    Ever guarding
> with sharpened claws."
>                                              Trajan
> Tennent

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