What a beautiful description.
What beautiful things you are doing...I am so grateful
to know there are people as kind and thoughtful out
there, making things better for all our little guys. 
I have only one little FeLV+ girl, but hang on to
every word of advice and hope that comes from people,
like you, who are so experienced. You have it down,
that is for sure, when it comes to our cat buddies. 
They are all so amazing...What fascinates me, so much
about cats, is that they are so easy to read. They
have every emotion we have and no qualms about
displaying them. 
I am excited for Percy getting a new life with you.
Keep up the good work. 
Just thank you so much! 
Glenda- Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Well, this morning my friend Julia brought over my
> new 
> fiv+ / felv+ kitty.
> She was calling him "Oreo" since he is a tuxie, but
> that has to go.
> She was just out of names, due to so many rescues
> this year.
> I feel her pain..... :(
> Anyway, what do folks think about "Percy"?
> For some reason when he came outta the carrier the
> name Percy came to mind.
> Of course, as we all know, he will have several
> names before it's all over........  :)
> So far, no bloodshed in the felv+ suite.
> My cats were appalled @ how he jumped outta the
> carrier and went straight for their breakfast, which
> was chicken & egg whipped souffle' w/ cheese from
> Elegant Medleys.........Sprinkled w/ Lysine &
> Missing Link PF...... (hey, I would rather them eat
> something better, but the Elegant Medleys got
> started when Serenity was still w/ me. That's all
> she would eat along w/ baby food when she was dying.
> And it works)
> Four bowls out, he ate 2, now I will have to put out
> 5 maybe 6 in the mornings.
> He has the "big" head of a fiv+ tom cat.
> But he is sweet as can be.
> Miss Princess Naughty Lola peered @ him like he was
> an oversized insect, she did not want him to get to
> close to her feathery baby fine cream & chocolate
> furrage..........
> Miss Lillian, who actually came from the same
> hoarder as him, sniffed him but he was not allowed
> to sniff her, she growled.
> Papillon is mad, hiding in the bathroom, but I think
> he will be ok, Percy is so passive.
> Miss Ursula, my beeeeoooootiful doll faced
> Sealpoint, is hiding behind the couch, that is her
> comfort zone when she feels like she's being
> invaded.
> Percy is just so happy to be outta a cage, he was in
> a cage by himself in Julia's dry storage
> building......
> He is so people oriented, it must have been hard on
> him.
> This was a good move, and thanks Diane for being
> supportive of me in making this decision yesterday.
> Now you are up to date, will keep you posted on the
> latest happenings @ Chez Mew today..........  :)
> Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
>                                   "As Cleopatra lay
> in state,
>                                    Faithful Bast at
> her side did wait,
>                                    Purring welcomes
> of soft applause,
>                                    Ever guarding
> with sharpened claws."
>                                              Trajan
> Tennent

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