You are right! I know one should never let emotion get
in the way of logic. Caroline needs to go to every
length to find the owner...then she needs to deal with
the situation from there. I guess after feeling so
happy and excited for this little cat I am just scared
for her going into a bad situation...Besides, who
would be better to this little cat than Caroline? I
cannot imagine...guess I was just thinking of the
--- Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Sorry--if it were my cat that got out and somebody
> found it in poor shape
> weeks later and chose not to call me cause they made
> judgments about me, I'd
> be furious.
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> Subject: RE: website for Lost/Found cats-TO WENDY
> Caroline, You have been through Hell and back with
> this cat. I know maybe it was not that particular
> cat
> you might have gone out and picked out of the
> hundreds
> available from the shelters where you are and you
> were
> not really looking or even ready for anyone after
> your
> precious Monkee, but after reading your posts and
> all
> your efforts and struggles and progress with this
> cat,
> all I can say is please just add the frosting to the
> cake...Name her! and give her the security she
> deserves...I do not care who the owners are...If I
> were the owner and loved her to death, I'd want her
> to
> be with you, if you might want her. Nothing is more
> rewarding than getting something that is all beat up
> and sad and polishing it up and making it happy. If
> I
> did not believe that I would not be crying right
> now,
> thinking about how I never got the chance to do that
> for that cat Marmalade that I will honestly never
> forget. The loss of him to me was huge. At this
> point
> I think you will always worry about THIS CAT and I
> think for you and your mom it would be best to keep
> her in your family. A lot of people will probably
> write and hate me for telling you this, but this is
> how I see it. Bless you and your mom and that kitty!
> Glenda
> --- Caroline Kaufmann
> wrote:
> ---------------------------------
> Susan:
> I am sorry about the fire and that you are still
> missing two cats.  That is heartbreaking.  You have
> been in my thoughts over the past few weeks.    
> As explanation, well, it's complicated.  We found
> her
> about three weeks ago (Aug. 4) and that was about
> the
> time of your fire so you missed out on my posts
> about
> my "Malnourished Rescue Cat."  She was in HORRIBLE
> shape when we found her and that is part of the
> problem.  If she was kept as an outdoor cat, or even
> outdoor/indoor, she should not have been.  Some cats
> are just not "meant" to be outdoor cats and I have
> owned enough in my mere 30 years to be able to
> recognize that.  There is an outdoor colony of cats
> that are owned by a lady up the street from me who
> live outdoors...they "prefer" it and they do quite
> well.  The whole neighborhood looks out after them
> and
> a bunch of us feed them.  But my point is, these
> cats
> are true outdoor cats, this cat, is not.  
> She had to have weighed under 5 pounds when we found
> her and she is not a young cat...the vet
> approximated
> 3-5 years old, more on the higher end.  We've had
> her
> in a room feeding her Wellness kitten wet and dry
> food, to which I was adding Colostrum, Rescue
> Remedy,
> L-Lysine, Brewer's Yeast, Salmon Oil (but not all at
> once), and tons and tons of Nutrical, as my mom and
> I
> were worried about her liver and kidney function
> because of her severe malnutrition.  I have never
> seen
> a cat this malnourished.  Our neighbor who had been
> feeding her (clearly not enough) said she'd been
> hanging out in the neighborhood at least 3 weeks. 
> She
> looked horrible.  She's long-haired, but she had
> dander and her collar was on way too tight-- it was
> frayed and shabby looking and it had rubbed all the
> fur off her neck where it had been.  The only tag on
> the collar was a rabies tag.  The vet listed on the
> tag had closed his offices and it took a while
> before
> we were able to reach them for them to give us the
> owner's phone number.  The cat also had a severe
> upper
> respiratory infection and when we put her in a
> carrier, her eyes were weeping all down her face
> with
> green discharge and she sneezed all the time.  I
> immediately started treating her eyes with
> Terramycin
> and we've already gone thru one tube.  She had
> fleas,
> but she had no energy to scratch at them.  We took
> her
> in because that weekend (of Aug. 4) was going to be
> the hottest ever (100's+) and I did not think she
> would have survived outside and I know I was right. 
> My mom thought she might die that weekend at her
> house.  We just worked on feeding her and getting
> her
> digestive system working again before we took her to
> a
> vet almost a week later.  We got her on Clavamox.
> She's much better now, but her infection is not
> completely gone; the hair hasn't grown back on her
> neck; she's ridiculously happy and I have never seen
> a
> cat so clearly enjoy the air conditioning as she
> does.
>  You can still feel the bones sticking out on her
> body, but her stomach is filling out.
> We also discovered today, due to the storm, that she
> deathly afraid of storms...she's been hiding under
> the
> bed and nervously looking at the window.  It's kind
> of
> broken my mom's heart and she is just extremely
> worried about the owners in this situation because
> the
> cat was in such bad shape and clearly didn't know
> how
> to take care of herself while outside.  I don't
> think
> she was able to eat anything (not a hunter--
> clearly!), unless given to her by human.  
> We just have some major concerns here and don't want
> to have spent all this time, energy (I have to go to
> my mom's everyday after work to treat the cat with
> Clavamox because my mom can't do it and that keeps
> me
> away from other things I need to do, my own foster
> cat, and the colony/street cats that I look
> after/feed), and money if the cat has bad owners? 
> She
> is also the sweetest cat in the world, I don't think
> she knows how to do anything other than purr and
> knead-- she doesn't seems to know how to scratch or
> hiss.  And because of that, I know that it would
> kill
> my mom if we turned this cat over to less than the
> most wonderful owners in the world and I feel I have
> to do everything I can to protect both this cat and
> my
> mom from making some really unfortunate mistake in
> judgment....
> In the meantime, this cat needed intensive
> rehabilitation and care that I know that I am more
> than capable of providing, so because of that, I
> have
> not felt bad about not immediately calling the
> owners
> to come get their what was "on it's death-bed" cat. 
> -Caroline     
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