What wonderful news! It made my day!
Please stick around and keep learning from these guys.
There is usually something helpful every day or two
that makes us better cat parents...Although you have
3-months before a retesting and everything will
probably be just dandy, there is nothing wrong with
keeping their immune systems boosted during the
waiting period. Just so you know you are completely on
top of things from minute one. 
Thank you for that bright spot yesterday! 
Take care, Glenda
--- Angela Lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> To all who have hellped me thru this day...
>   Thank you for your support and encouraging words.
> We just got back from the Vet's office, with Ripley
> and Sherman, the SNAP test came back NEG!!!!!! We
> are going to retest in 3 months. 
>   The Vet said the only difference in the 2 tests
> (SNAP verses IFA) is the accuracy is a little higher
> with the IFA. Both tests are in the 90 percent
> range.
>   God bless all!
>   Ang
> Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>     HI Angela
>   This sounds exactly like what happened to my
> Pumpkin. What may be different is that Pumpkins was
> hiding the fact he was not eating. Although I did
> figure it out. His gums were exactly as you
> described he spent two nights at the vet hospital
> with fluids and IV Baytril. He crashed the second
> night. I imagine much like your baby did. His spirit
> was gone when I arrived to visit him that morning.
> They had cleaned him up and he was cold. I felt so
> bad that I did not see his symptoms sooner. I had
> him euthanized. Cats are good at hiding there
> symptoms. I had another cat who was sick at the same
> time and being treated for anemia by a different
> vet. This was due to the fact he had been hit by a
> car several months earlier and that was the only
> available vet who could see him in a hurry. 
>   Now I was worried Junior's condition was more
> serious. I took him back in that week and though he
> looked fine he had a fever of 106.5. The kept him
> hydrated him and called me to say they wanted to to
> a FELV test. He has tested neg that same year. It
> came back positive. I had 11 cats at that time. Two
> more tested positive. One also had been sickly had
> FIV as well. He had been adopted from a shelter. I
> was in panic mode last fall. The group kept me
> going. I lost Tiny from unrelated cause he died very
> suddenly last Christmas. Lionel, my felv/fiv cat 
> was also PTS he was not well. 
>   Good news Junior is stable and he had a very rough
> go but is fine now other than his pos status. He
> gets immune booster like the group says.
>   Sally 
>   On 8/21/07, Angela Lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:     Susan,
>    Boy was not good, at all, last night. He went
> down hill very fast. He was fine last Thursday, then
> Friday we moved, I thought he just was 
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