Hey guys,
Quick question...I've heard a couple of you on here mention you use the  
advantage or frontline for dogs on your cats to save money, can someone fill me 
in on how you do this?  I've noticed one of my positive kitties scratching  the 
last couple of days, so I assume she's picked up some fleas somewhere.   I 
was going to treat all three of them, plus 2 or 3 of my neighbor's outside  
(since they pretty much live at my house!) but I can't hardly afford to pay  
$13 a pop times six.  Thanks for the info. 

PS, I still have the  appointment at the UT veterinary school on the 11th for 
the girls.  In the  meantime, they're doing well with the Missing Link and 
Lysine, all three healthy  and still happy.  I also got the Pet Temp 
and have established  all their baseline temps so I can keep periodic checks. 
 I'll keep you guys  updated!


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