I guess I'm having a hard time figuring out the "free of litter"  part.  With 
three cats, its tough to know who's used the litter box.   I could keep it 
scooped and watch for her, I suppose, but will a sample I just  scoop out be 
 I mean, after she's covered it up, do I just scoop it out  and take it? :/ 
I'm beginning to think the bleeding is from her urinary tract, but I can't  
be sure.  I say this because when I went in the laundry room and examined  the 
litterbox area, I found a tiny drop of clear liquid (about the size of half  a 
pea) with what looked like traces of blood in it. (I didn't have enough sense 
 to grab a syringe and collect it to take with me :(   )  I guess  I'm going 
to call my vet, or decide if I want to start using another vet, and  figure 
out what to do.
Thanks for the pointers guys!


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