Seeking home for an adult feluk positive cat (this is not my cat). Male, 
neutered, grey and white, 4 year old cat named scooter.  Family especially the 
wife wants to get rid of cat.  Cat has been living mostly outdoors, due to the 
fact he doesn't always use his litter box, though has been using it since the 
wife sent the rug out for a cleaning.  Wife doesn't like the cat and doesn't 
really care for it.  Tested positive on elisa and IFA.  Urine tested and 
nothing unusal, possibly behavioral problemn (with rug?  the wife will not 
listen to suggestions).  Will bring cat to the vet for blood test and another 
wellness check before giving him to a new home.  He needs someone to finally 
love him and care for him.  Very nice cat.  Willing to travel, food, toys and 
carrier will be included with him.  He lives in the new york area.  Any help is 
greatly appreciated.  Have contacted other rescues and sanctuaries but no 
Thank you
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