HI Jeni

I guess the number one question is, where is this cat?


On 9/27/07, JENI RECA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Seeking home for an adult feluk positive cat (this is not my cat). Male,
> neutered, grey and white, 4 year old cat named scooter.  Family especially
> the wife wants to get rid of cat.  Cat has been living mostly outdoors, due
> to the fact he doesn't always use his litter box, though has been using it
> since the wife sent the rug out for a cleaning.  Wife doesn't like the cat
> and doesn't really care for it.  Tested positive on elisa and IFA.  Urine
> tested and nothing unusal, possibly behavioral problemn (with rug?  the wife
> will not listen to suggestions).  Will bring cat to the vet for blood test
> and another wellness check before giving him to a new home.  He needs
> someone to finally love him and care for him.  Very nice cat.  Willing to
> travel, food, toys and carrier will be included with him.  He lives in the
> new york area.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Have contacted other
> rescues and sanctuaries but no response.
> Thank you
> Jeni
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