Hey  Glenda,

I just read the post below.  It says there is a veterinary school in Austin, 
TX, but the only veterinary school in Texas is at Texas A&M University in 
College Station, probably a couple of hours or more from Austin.  I just wanted 
to clarify that in case someone reading the post tried to find one in Austin.  
University of Texas (in Austin) does not have a veterinary school (not yet 

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I'm going to answer you directly on this, since you
addressed me personally. Ok ,this is the deal: I'm new
here, I have picked up the basics and I have learned
them well. I am not a gambler. Maybe that is the core
difference between those of us not willing to risk
mixing our FeLV+ guys with our FIV+ guys. I was
incredibly touched by Sherry's love and enthusiasim
for her most adored little kitty Mystique. My heart
just goes out to Sherry so much. I cry almost always
when I read about these kitties dying and I just want
to give all you guys a big hug when one of you is
When I was told Mystique was only FIV+ I felt so happy
and hopeful. When I was told she was mixing freely
with FeLV+ kitties everyday, swapping saliva, etc. I
panicked. Remember, I AM NOT A GAMBLER. 
I told Sherry my feelings, as gently as possible. I
have so far in the short time I have been on this
list, been told over and over again, that the FeLV
vaccine is only 75% -90% effective...It used to be
only 75%-85%, but there is talk, now, that there has
been a slight improvement. My personal vets also tell
me these #'s , so at least I feel I am as informed as
anyone here. 
As for FIV+ kitties, I have researched thir disease
too. I worked hard a couple months back to convince a
couple people here, in my town, not to put their FIV+
kittens to sleep over this disease. I researched and
studied for several days to learn all I could to back
my argument. I learned #1 : that their immune system
is compromised. I learned#2: that this disease is much
easier to deal with than FeLV. I learned often kittens
can throw this disease, if say, contracted through the
mother. This disease is a piece of cake, compared to
Felv. I also learned it is possible for a non- gambler
like myself, to mix an FIV+ kitty with my disease free
guys as long as the FIV+ guy does not tend to fight
and bite...I also learned FIV+ guys can have a longer
natural life than Felv+guys...
Everyone, who has been here a while, has to know these
same things ,but some here are willing to GAMBLE and
some are NOT. 
I do not feel I can afford to risk any cat's life that
is in my care by mixing a FeLV+ with my healthy group
and if I happened to have an FIV+ kitty I would be
even more paranoid to mix with a FelV+ kitty. 
If there is anyone here, that can tell me some
SCIENTIFIC REASON, I am wrong in my opinion, PLEASE
come back to me . I came here to learn. I appreciate
the stories of how this person or that ,might have had
a disease free cat live 20+ years among FeLV+ kitties
and never contract the disease. This is where I get my
hope. This makes me feel so happy, gives me
strength...These stories are almost as helpful to my
spirit as the actual scientific information I get here
is  helpful to my mind. I also, love just the
emotional support here. I think these three things is
what keeps most of us here? 
A sibling of mine, is a veterinarin. While researching
which university to go to, came up with the opinion
the three best schools in the country for veterinary
medicine were as follows,  University of Colorado, in
Fort Collins, The University of California in Napa,
and lastly,the the University right down there in
Austin, Texas where Susan is. All very renowed in the
world of veterinary medicine...I just realized that
last night after reeling from something I read hateful
Nobody here is without a clue and nobody here is
stupid . I never heard anything of the sort said,
until yesterday. UGH!
All I can say is GOD BLESS everyone of you loving,
dear people and let's all try to get along, learn from
each other and appreciate our differences. The reason
we are here, is for our cats first. We just all want
to do what is right for them...Too bad people have to
be so jacked up...oh well, ENOUGH ! Have a good day!

--- catatonya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Glenda,
>   In my approximately 10 years on this list I have
> never heard of a cat with fiv 'catching' felv from a
> mixed situation.  Now cats do test initially
> sometimes for both.  But I have had fiv cats mixed
> with felv with no problem.
>   It's not a perfect world, and Sherry and Crash's
> Landing do so much good that I think you should calm
> down on the heavy judgements.
>   Those who have been on this list for a long time,
> and many who have left, have already had this
> discussion with Sherry.  People agree and disagree. 
> But I don't think anyone feels that Dr. Jen is doing
> a wonderful thing trying to save as many of these
> cats as she can.
>   And Sherry, who also deals with each loss, doesn't
> need such negative feedback.
>   tonya
> glenda Goodman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Sherry, 
> She is absolutely beautiful. I have to tell you,
> when
> I realized the thinking behind how your shelter,
> where
> you volunteer, with the declawing policy and reading
> about the section for the special needs kitties I
> thought I would ask if the FIV+ kitties were mixed
> with the FeLV+ kitties. I do not think I am
> surprised...
> Sherry I am trying to control my emotions ,but I
> have
> to tell you I am scared to death for these two
> groups
> of cats. I am believing/hoping your girl Mystique is
> vaccinated...that could help, but she is at terrible
> risk. Her immune system is already compromised by
> the
> FIV. I cannot implore you strongly enough to please
> get her out of Crash'slanding ASAP! 
> You have been lucky with your FIV kitties and
> especially with your kitty who threw the FIV. When I
> read about the beautiful Mystique, I felt relieved
> that she was only FIV+. I felt you would have good
> luck with her and she might live a pretty normal
> life.
> The fact she is in a situation where she can
> contract
> the FeLV virus any day now, is making me a little
> crazy...I worry about her and everyone else in that
> environment...and what about the kitties that might
> possibly be able one day, to throw one of the
> viruses
> or the other? What chance do any of them really
> have...They are at huge risk of getting THE OTHER
> virus. There has to be a way to seperate the two
> groups. FIV+ kitties have such a better chance , but
> here they are almost certainly, over time going to
> become FeLV+ too. 
> You need to get Mystique out of there. You should
> have
> her tested for both FIV and FeLV, just so you know,
> what you will be dealing with. Then have her tested
> again in 4-6 months. If she is FeLV- you are both
> blessed. If I were you, I'd want to know, for
> myself,
> if she is really FIV+. 
> Crash'slanding comes across beautifully on it's
> intro
> page and it is set up well to navigate through. The
> kitties are beautiful. Their stories are well
> written
> and touching. This is a nokill shelter, right? The
> way
> it appears to me, is a showplace type of place, that
> collects cats, donations ,but seriously needs to
> become a bit more cat- friendly...Besides taking in
> these cats, are they really doing what is best for
> each cat? If they cannot seperate the FIV+ cats from
> the FeLV+ cats they should only be dealing with cats
> with one disease or the other disease and let
> another
> shelter deal with the other... 
> Do they get a lot of volunteers as sweet as you?
> Well,
> they are lucky if they do. Nobody is driving a
> cadillac are they...bad joke, sorry. 
> I have one FeLV+ cat in my household of 7-cats. All
> my
> cats are vaccinated. Yet I am very, very careful my
> negatives do not come into contact with my one
> positive, little girl. If I found out I had a FIV+
> cat
> in my household I would possibly allow him to
> continue
> as always with his brothers, but if anyone were to
> turn up FeLV+ it is quarantine time. FIV is a far
> easier disease to deal with. 
> I'm in the process of having all my guys tested
> again,
> because my guys do get outside at times, supervised,
> as they are and as confident as I am they have not
> run
> into any positive, strange kitties out there, I
> still
> believe in knowing their health status every year or
> so...This, because I do not believe in putting any
> of
> my kitties in harm's way. If I were perfect, they
> would never get outside, at ever, but I love for
> them
> to have fun in the yard...I get weak when they
> beg...I
> am a bad mommy for that, but I take that risk for
> the,
> quality of life, argument...
> Well, I have done enough damage for one
> day...Sherry,
> thank you. And please do not hate me, because ...I
> do
> not trust people...
> Love and best wishes from Nebraska, 
> Glenda
> --- Sherry DeHaan wrote:
> > Hi Glenda,isn't she georgeous!!! :) We do not
> > separate the felv and the fiv.I wish we had the
> > space to do so.Until I become one of those crazy
> cat
> > ladies that win the lottery it will have to do!!
> :)
> > I myself have 3 fiv+ boys and one boy that tested
> > felv+ when he first arrived to Sids and then 1 1/2
> > years later tested negative for anything.Then I
> > brought Genevieve home back in April,she was
> felv+.I
> > risked it because my heart told me to bring that
> > baby girl home to love her as much as possible.AND
> I
> > DID!! I am getting choked up just writing about
> > her.It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since she left us.
> > :(
> > You did not offend me in anyway,I just get a bit
> > uneasy when it comes to that subject.
> > Thank you for checking out the fur kids.
> > Sherry and her fur baby boys 
> > Rafferty,CousCous,Xander and Tristan
> > 
> > glenda Goodman wrote:
> > Sherry,
> > I just clicked Mystique. My computer got stuck
> > earlier...Anyway , she seems like an excellent
> > little
> > girl to have in your home...She will take your
> pain
> > away and fill your heart. I see that she is FIV,
> but
> > not FeLV+. Does Crash'slanding seperate their FIV+
> > kitties from their FeLV+
> > kitties ? Taking care of her should be very easy
> and
> > rewarding...She could have a long life with you. 
> > As for this organization, I will say, their layout
> > and every cat is beautiful. My heart is just
> > stretching out of my chest for them. Bless your
> > heart,
> > Sherry, for all you do. I am very sorry I get a
> > little
> > up in the air over certain issues. Please believe
> > me,
> > I never mean to hurt anyone's feelings or make
> > anyone
> > uncomfortable...YOU are an angel... I know we all
> do
> > the best we can with what we can and we all feel
> the
> > same things, love, compassion, tenderness for
> these
> > guys in need.
> > "The more need they have, the more we feel." 
> > I do love the people here too, because they are
> just
> > so special. I should be so good as to be doing
> what
> > you do. 
> > Love from Nebraska, Glenda
> > --- Sherry DeHaan wrote:
> > 
> > > Hi Glenda thank you for checking out Crashs.I
> > first
> > > of all want to say that I too am not one for
> > > declawing!! As some of our rescue cats do come
> in
> > > already declawed and yes they are declawed if
> they
> > > are not too old.As much as I hate to say
> it,people
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