Sometimes it is hard to completely diagnose what is going on with a cat with
leukemia.  There are so many factors to consider.  Not to mention, sometimes
the symptoms may point to too many things instead of narrowing it down.  I
recently lost one of my cats to a tumor in the eye and nasal cavity.  She
started getting sick earlier this spring, but we didn't find out about the
tumor until it was too late.  This was no ones fault.  We, the vet and I,
ran a lot of test, had her in for exams at least 3 times a month.  We tried
many medications but nothing helped her to get better.  The vet really cared
and wasn't just trying to make money.  But the symptoms weren't enough, nor
were the blood tests.  It sounds like Whisper could have Herpes.  This is
common with FeLV+ and is usually treatable.  But, once again, the symptoms
for herpes are also the same for other diseases/viruses.  Basically I am
just trying to say that it may seem as if all the vet cares about is money,
but this may not be the case.  I would do some research on the web about
Whisper's symptoms and then talk with the vet again and see what he says
about what you found out.


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I sent this by my other email. I got a message back
saying its pending due to my email address not being a
member. SO PLEASE reply to this one. We dont know how
much longer he will go on like this. PLEASE HELP!!

I have had my cat, Whisper, for about 5 years now he
use to weigh 18lbs (a year ago), now he weighs about
7-10lbs. He is the oldest of 3 other cats. A month ago
we found out he has Leukemia. We never knew what was
wrong with him, we never thought it to be Leukemia.
About a year ago we took him to the vet, for vomiting
and drooling, the vet laughed at us because he thought
whisper was in really good health.Well a year went by
with out any treatment or even knowing some this was
wrong with him.We took him to the vet about a month or
so ago for his eyes ( he had an infection in his eyes,
and was not eating), they ran a blood test and they
told us he has Leukemia. They kept him over night to
start the treatments right a way. They gave us
Clacamox Drops (very pricey), Neo/Poly/Dex Ophthalmic
drops, and the Interferon. He seemed to be getting
worse.We took him to the vet today to get them to do a
check up on him ( he hasnt been eating, been having to
force feed him, he wont get up much, excessive
drooling.)  and get more of his medication, they
believe he has ulcers in his mouth which is causing
him to not eat and make him drool. Well now they think
he has some other disease kind of like Leukemia that
is causing the ulcers, lack of appetite, and causing
the medications to not work. So they want to run MORE
test and give him MORE medication, etc. We are not
sure what we want to do. He seems to be suffering so
much, and he also seems to know he does not have much
longer to live. We are all talking about either
keeping him on his medication, let him live out his
life without his medication, or taking him off his
medication and see if he will do better, and if he
does not do better then we will put him down.

BUT, what I dont understand is that the vet cant fully
explain to us about: what is going on, why cant they
help us more, what is the other possible disease, how
long might he live more, etc. It just seems like all
they want is money, money and more money. One of his
medication they sell for about $26 and we can get it
from 1-800-PETMEDS for about $10, its the same bottle,
same size, same doses. The test for leukemia is $55,
and so is the other test.  I dont understand what is
going on. Whisper is my baby,  I would give every
thing to help him, but with the vet confusing us we
really dont know what to do.

Can you possibly explain every thing a bit better?

Gina & Whisper 

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