Yogurt may feel good to the gums and give him some probiotics. Something salty like ham helped the Royal Princess Kitty Katt eat when she wanted nothing......thin sliced deli ham. Just Born with Colostrum is also a favorite with several cats I have regular contact with including Dixie who lives with me. She particularly likes the boxed, ready mixed when she is feeling off. I mix the powder in food at other times.

Good luck.

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Hi Gina,

I am sorry that Whisper is going through what he is, poor baby. But you have found a good place for info. and encouragement.

I have a few questions for you: is Whisper eating at all? If not, you have to get him to eat, even if you have to syringe feed him chicken baby food (without onion in the ingredient) or whatever he will eat. Cats HAVE to eat. They can't go long without food or they develop fatty liver disease. It's true that he may have mouth ulcers which might be hurting him (probably a result of Stomatis), but you can still syringe feed him the creamy baby food and water. He will feel better if he gets food in his tummy. Is he drinking any water?

You might consider going to see an Internal Specialist Veterinarian. They seem to give the most help when it comes to treating FeLV. What large city do you live closest to? You might post with the city in the subject line and that you are looking for a good vet; maybe someone here will know one already. So many vets are ignorant (I mean that in the nicest way) when it comes to FeLV. Either they don't have any/much experience or they just write kitty off as soon as they see the positive test. I would start calling tomorrow morning.

Lysine is a very good natural antiviral. It's used for a lot of eye conditions and you can buy it at the health food store for about $10. I would start giving Whisper 500 mg. 2x per day in his wet food (or syringed food). Buy only PURE lysine.

Did the vet run a CBC/HCT/PCV on Whisper? If so, do you know what the results were? If not, can you get a copy of the blood work? You need to know how his blood/heart/kidneys/etc. are doing so you can make informed decisions about his health care. I would keep him on Interferon. It helps a lot of the time. Does Whisper have a temperature? Does he seem dehydrated (sticky gums)? If he is, he will feel terrible until he gets subQ fluids, which your vet should have done if he was dehydrated. The more I think about what you said about your vet, I would only go there once more, to get copies of all his records, and then find another vet asap.

How old did you say Whisper was?

It's not time to give up yet Gina. Arm yourself with info. and you'll be better equipped to make the right decisions for Whisper, whether it be to keep fighting or let him go. Please keep us posted.

Dallas, TX

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