Since it has been so quiet, I will take the opportunity to update: My diarrhea 
Kitten Yoda is still at it.  He was started Monday on medicine to treat him as 
if he has bacterial enteritis-- it starts with an "M"- I can't remember the 
name right now?  He gets 1/4 a pill every 12 hours (thank god I have a real 
pill splitter!).  The other two kittens- it's really weird.  Sometimes they 
have normal poos and sometimes they have cow pies.  Every once in a while, they 
have an actual diarrhea.  But it's not sustained diarrhea.  Yoda, on the other 
hand, has more diarrhea than not.  But one of the grey ones had a diarrhea 
yesterday morning after b-fast and it was pretty runny and on top of it was a 
teeny tiny spot of mucousy-blood.  But that's it.  Then he didn't have diarrhea 
later-- pretty normal poo.  So, I really don't know what is going on and it's 
driving me crazy.  I don't know if it's just a kitten thing or what, but 
obviously I haven't changed their diets at all- except adding "Just Born" to 
their food- which they are now gobbling up even more vigorously!  So, Yoda has 
been on med since Monday and just this morning, another diarrhea after eating, 
right in front of me.  I'm so frustrated!
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