I just realized I accidentally sent a copy of this message through my other 
address, so if this is a duplicate, I apologize, but I'm not sure the other one 
will go through since the address I use for this group.  Anyway, I was 
wondering if anyone has any experience with adenocarcinoma?  My cat Spaz has it 
in her colon, and they have removed part of it but were unable to get all the 
cancer, and it has also spread into the mesentary.  I am meeting with an 
oncologist in a week to discuss chemo.  Any help/advice would be much 

Also, there was someone on this list who I promised a copy of my audiobook 
about Spaz to when I got it done.  This was last year, and I have somehow lost 
track of who it was.  I finally finished it this spring, and if you are still 
out there and would still like a copy, I will send it (finally)!

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